Local Teen Proves Every Fart That Fights the Ventilator Thinks It’s Don Quixote

bangor high student

bangor high studentOn Wednesday, Sept. 2, Bangor High School students were called into the auditorium to listen to administrators go over school rules of conduct, and changes that have been made this school year. They went over basic tedious stuff, like how to care for your laptops, etc., but I was jolted to attention when the vice principal, Bryan Doyle, addressed the female student body saying, “Ladies, we don’t want to see your bra straps”, and, “If you can’t follow the dress code you will be asked to cover up or go home”. He also spoke about what the appropriate length for our shorts was, cleavage, and stated that we weren’t allowed to show our midriffs. When I spoke out about the sexual bias, I was told to leave. After a round of applause from fellow students as I marched out of the auditorium, I became inspired to affect change. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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