Students Realize Dream of Making French-Canadian Tourists Walk Right Past Signs Telling Them Not to Smoke at Old Orchard Beach

old orchard beach

old orchard beachOLD ORCHARD BEACH — Visitors to the beach will now be greeted by a sign asking them to extinguish their cigarettes before heading out to the sand. The town council passed a resolution in November asking people not to smoke or use other tobacco products on the beach, and making the beach a voluntary smoke-free zone. The resolutions came after discussions regarding a suggested ordinance proposed by four local students, Hattie Simon, MaryKate Slattery, Sarah Jenkins and Sabryna Deschaies. As eighth-grade students in 2009, the four girls received a grant after attending the annual Anti-Tobacco Youth Summit sponsored by the Maine Youth Action Network. Wednesday afternoon, signs asking beachgoers “Please Do Not Use Tobacco Products on our Beach,” in both English and French, were put in place in front of walkways to the beach. (read more, cough, at, cough, the Journal Tribune)

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