Local Residents Become Suspicious When Telephone Scammers Demand Less Than Their Usual Central Maine Power Bill, With Better Terms

old-lady-on-telephoneCentral Maine Power is reporting a new surge of calls to customers from scam artists claiming to represent the utility and demanding immediate payments.  “Scammers have renewed their efforts to get our customers to depart with their hard-earned money,” said CMP spokesperson Gail Rice on Tuesday, June 9. “Customers should be wary of calls threatening immediate disconnection, and should instead call CMP if they have any questions about their account status.” Scammers have typically called business customers — often restaurants and markets just prior to their lunch or dinner rush periods — but they’ve also targeted residential customers. Some customers reported receiving multiple calls in the same day. Most are warned of imminent disconnection, instructed to purchase a pre-paid debit card, and told to call a specific number with the card information. In some cases, the perpetrators tell customers they had not received a recent payment or they had incorrectly processed a payment, and the customer had to pay again. (read more at the Boothbay Register)