Picketing Grammar School Students Wish They Knew How to Read The Signs Mom Made Them Hold


mallett-schoolFARMINGTON — A small group of W. G. Mallett School students and their parents staged a demonstration walk along Middle Street early Friday morning in support of Regional School Unit 9 custodians. The school board voted 9-3 Thursday night to authorize the superintendent to contract for cleaning services. The action could save an anticipated minimum of $200,000, perhaps more, this year from the maintenance budget. If RSU 9 hires a private cleaning company, 18 custodians would lose their jobs, 21 driver/custodians would have their hours reduced, and several health packages would be eliminated, according to information passed out at the meeting. The custodians have been in contract negotiations for 14 months. The matter goes to mediation on May 15. Representing the Parent Teacher Association, Doug Reusch said at Thursday’s board meeting he opposed the idea. Five others said it wasn’t right to try to save money at the expense of some of the least [sic]paid employees in the district. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)