Local Officials Rate Giant Hogweed a “4” on a Scale of Zero to Massh*le

giant hogweed

giant hogweedBANGOR, Maine — If there was a Hulk version of Queen Anne’s lace, giant hogweed would be it. The invasive plant species can tower up to 14 feet tall with flower heads up to 1 foot wide, but it’s far more malevolent than its kin: The stem’s sap can cause serious burns on your skin and in some cases blindness. “Of all the ones I’ve seen, this one scares me the most,” said Ronald Lemin Jr., a vegetation management sales consultant with CPS Timberland who has volunteered time to help eradicate hogweed from an area in Bangor. The invasive species expert said there is a massive hogweed infestation site in Bangor on land between Ohio Street and Finson Road. The thousands of plants situated around a tributary could spread the infestation to Kenduskeag Stream and into the Penobscot River because of hogweed’s floatable seeds, which are produced by the hundreds during germination.  (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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