Local Mothers Want the Parts of a Magazine Article About BPA They Can Remember Put Into the Constitution


bpaAUGUSTA — More than a dozen mothers turned in signatures Thursday to try to compel the state Board of Environmental Protection to ban the chemical bisphenol-A from baby and toddler food packaging. “No child should be exposed to the hormone havoc of BPA at the dinner table,” said Annie Colaluca, a mother of three from Waterville. The chemical, known commonly by the acronym BPA, is a common additive used in some hardened plastics. Maine has already banned it from baby bottles, sippy cups and other reusable food and beverage containers. The groups are hoping the state will now extend that ban to cans and jars that hold baby and toddler foods. The Alliance for a Clean and Health [sic] Maine, an umbrella organization for groups such as the Environmental Health Strategy Center and Natural Resources Council of Maine, organized the effort to gather more than 800 signatures as part of a citizen petition process. (read more at the Environment Maine Center)

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