Local Moose Beginning to Suspect the Moose Lottery Is Fixed When All the Winners Are Hunters Again This Year


moose-lotterySince 1980 (save a one-year hiatus in 1981), Mainers and nonresidents alike have sent in their entry fees, crossed their fingers and waited to see whether their name is drawn in the state’s annual moose lottery. And since 1980, some have grumbled about the process, claiming, “there’s no way I’m ever gonna win.” Of course, that hyperbole. There is a way you’re going to win. And it all starts with this: If you want to have a shot at winning the hunt of a lifetime, you’ve got to keep playing. Even when you’re frustrated. Even when you’re angry. Even if there’s “no way you’re ever gonna win.” (read more of something we hope you’ll really like at Lewiston Sun Journal)

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