Twin Cities Man Says After He Shovels the Driveway, He’s Going To Punxsutawney to Beat That Lying Rat to Death With the Shovel

Plow Driver

twin citiesLEWISTON – Late afternoon in the Twin Cities. It was Nemo minus 24 hours and the shopping centers buzzed with activity. At Hannaford in Lewiston on Thursday afternoon, an older woman walked from the store to her car. In one hand she held a cane and in the other, a few bags of groceries. Stocking up in preparation of the storm? “No, this is just regular shopping,” she said, heaving the bags into the back seat of her car. “I did my shopping for the storm yesterday. I’m all set for that.” With that, she drove off, a full day ahead of most everybody else. By the supper hour, the aisles were thick with shoppers just about everywhere. Weather forecasters have advised that the coming storm will be a big one and folks are listening. At Hannaford, Bryan McDonald pushed a shopping cart heaped with goods while his wife pushed a baby carriage. They have a 7-week-old child to consider. They don’t want to be left unprepared when the storm named Nemo comes to do its thing.  (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)