Local Historians Figure Colonial-Era Granite Bomb Shelter Discovered Under Oldest House In Gray Was Built In Case The Abenakis Got The Bomb First

abenaki bomb shelter

abenaki bomb shelterThe Merrill house at 150 Mayall Road, built in 1766 (or perhaps 1760, as the town’s property records have it), is the oldest wood-framed house in Gray. It dates to before the American Revolution and served as the home of the town’s first Baptist minister, the Rev. Nathan Merrill. Merrill built the home with help from neighbors (who lived in log cabins, none of which have survived) and eventually died in the house after slipping on a granite step. The house was handed down through the years and has been inhabited since 1968 by the McKeen family – Don, Priscilla and their five grown daughters, one of whom is a manager at Gray’s landmark Cole Farms Restaurant. A more intriguing mystery than when the house was built lies in its basement, a cellar that features an 8-by-10-foot section lined with 8-inch-thick granite, mined nearby when the house was constructed 250 years ago. (read more at Lakes Region Weekly)