Local Gun Dealers, Fresh From Buying New Boats And ATVs, Wonder If They Should Chip In To Put President Obama On Mount Rushmore

Local gun sales

Local gun salesWINDSOR — Local gun shops report a dramatic increase in sales recently, with many buyers concerned that President Barack Obama and Congress will begin to take away their ability to buy assault rifles and large ammunition clips in the wake of last week’s mass murder at a Connecticut elementary school. “Taking guns away from us hunters isn’t going to solve the problem,” said Larry Keating, of Waldoboro, as he scanned the gun case at Hussey’s General Store in Windsor. The store, best known for a sign that promotes “Guns, Wedding Gowns, Cold Beer,” has seen a huge rush for high-capacity magazines and assault rifles in recent days, sales clerk Dawn Vigue said. “Everybody’s scared they are going to be banned,” she said. “Lately, it’s just been crazy.” (read more at Morning Sentinel)