Local Fire Officials Urge Homeowners Not To Smoke While Lighting Oily Rags And Green Wood In Their Substandard Woodstoves While Wearing Gasoline-Soaked Clothes After Lighting Candles In Order To Put Pennies In Their Fusebox. Just FYI

Maine state-of-the-art fire engine. Maine news from the Rumford Meteor

COUNTY [sic]— Following a few “commMaine state-of-the-art fire engine. Maine news from the Rumford Meteoron sense” procedures can prevent fires that can become uncontrollable or result in fatalities, say experienced fire personnel.  The most important and perhaps easiest procedure fire experts recommend is changing the batteries in your smoke detector regularly.  “It can save lives,” said Maine Fire Marshal Joseph E. Thomas.  “Smoke detectors are your most early warning that there is a fire,” he explained.  “Detectors often react to a smoke condition before a person can see or smell it,” he said, which is why changing the batteries and making sure it operates correctly is imperative. Without the alert of a fire alarm, people who succumb to fire at night while they’re sleeping can die from exposure to the by-products of combustion, Thomas explained. “The tragedy we see is that in many cases with fatal fires, we find a smoke detector within the premises only to determine there was no battery in it to operate,” Thomas said.  “We recommend that everybody changes their smoke detectors when they change their clocks forward or backwards,” said Paris Firefighter Joe Cormier. (read more at Advertiser Democrat)