Dungeons And Dragons Fan Brags He Once Saved the Elfin Princess Esmerinda From the Gorgol While Eating SpaghettiOs Right From the Can

Dungeons and Dragons

dungeons and dragonsThe Yarmouth Marketplace shops were dark, with the exception of Dirigo Hobbies, which for the past three years has served as merchant, battleground and clubhouse for local fans of fantasy card and board games and modern iterations of Dungeons and Dragons. At the the end of December, owner Doug Hanrion will move Dirigo Hobbies to a larger, more affordable location on Main Street in Gray. He’s confident the customers who frequent his store week after week for game nights will follow him. These folks – mostly in their 20s and 30s, almost exclusively male – come for the games, but stay for the community. “For me, it’s about the people,” said Drew, 28, who loves Pathfinder, a role-playing game where players inhabit the characters of sorcerers, barbarians and clerics. “I like hanging out with like-minded people, and I like the role playing. (read more at The Forecaster)

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