Local Doctor Seems to Have Inadvertently Become the Primary Care Physician for a Beekeeping Leper Colony

erik steele

primary care physicianIf patient symptoms were bees, a typical day as a primary care physician would produce an entire hive swarming around my head. Bleeding, bloating, belly pain, back pain, chest pain, chunks of something coughed up, discomfort, fatigue, fever, limp, lump, ringing, tingling, weird smell, weird taste, weakness and wonkiness are but a few of the problems my patients and I must sort through. The challenge of distinguishing buzzing that’s a bother from buzzing that’s a brain tumor is what sometimes makes our work scarier than crashing a convention of killer bees. Every one of those complaints could be caused by a problem that’s trivial, or one that could ultimately kill the patient. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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