Livermore Falls Country Duo Farts A Little Dust On The Really High Notes

LIVERMORE FALLS, Maine — Like singers fighting over the melody, Jim Guilmet and Shirley Jean Brackett began talking over each other as they described the big moment — climbing onto the stage of a wide, Tennessee theater and competing for a North American Country Music title. Her first time, Brackett began to freeze. “I turned around and looked at one of the guys who played steel guitar and said, ‘I just forgot everything I ever knew,’” Brackett said. “He says, ‘The minute you get in the middle of that stage and the music starts, it’s going to come.’” Guilmet described knees that knocked until he reached a spot marked on the stage with a giant ‘X.’ Then, his nerves vanished. “Once you stand on that, you’re at home,” he said.  (read more at the Bangor Daily News)