Local College Grads Are Increasingly Drawn Back To Maine’s Complete Lack Of Everything

Maine grads

Maine gradsMany college-bound high school students look forward to leaving Maine and living in a big city, where it seems there’s more to offer. Tyson LaRochelle, a 2006 graduate of Lewiston High School, was no exception. “I wanted to get out of my own element and try new things. I wanted more diversity in not only the landscape, but the people too. I figured if I went to (the University of Maine in Orono) with all my friends, it would just be an extension of high school. I would just settle into the same routine, doing the same things, hanging around with the same people.” “I wanted new, fresh challenges,” he said. And like many Maine high school graduates who head out of state to college, LaRochelle developed career prospects near his college. He had internships and summer jobs with a number of large corporations while attending Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, including at Lockheed Martin, where he was involved with robotics and had the opportunity to work on high-tech missiles and firing control systems on the forefront of technology. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)