Local Author Proves That Anything Can Be Made Even Less Cool Than It Already Is

Carl Little Gangnam style

Carl Little Gangnam styleCarl Little had just voted, and he wanted to celebrate. So the 58-year-old author decided to break out in the “Gangnam Style” dance on Election Day — bouncing on an imaginary horse and pretending to throw a lasso overhead — right there on the steps of the fire station in Somesville. In a world that’s been shrunken immeasurably by technology and pop culture, it seemed appropriate to Little to celebrate a basic American right by breaking into a silly, joyous dance made famous by a South Korean rapper and his infectious music video. Because spreading silliness and fun is a basic American right, too. “I first saw the dance on a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit, and it just blew me away for some reason,” said Little, who lives in Mount Desert and has written 15 books on artists. “I just loved the energy of it. It was a moment of relief for me to have voted, and I just wanted to do something fun.” (read more at Portland Press Herald)