Knock Knock. Who There? Lithuanian. Lithuanian Who? Open Door, Is Cold


lithuanianKENNEBUNK — When reflecting on the many immigrant communities in Maine, it’s not often that Lithuania is the country of origin that leaps to many minds. But Lithuanians began arriving in Maine in the 19th century, coming alongside a wave of Finns, Russians and Poles, largely to Knox County, to join the Canadian French in the lumber industry. And they soon spread out into other centers, creating cultural strongholds in Lewiston, with the founding of the St. Bartholomew Society and construction of the S.B.S. Lithuanian Hall in 1914, and the founding of St. Anthony’s Franciscan Monastery in Kennebunk, in 1947. And Lithuanians have made their marks in other areas as well.  (read more at the Kennebunk Post)

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