Lewiston Seniors Teach Elementary Students to Play Cribbage. Next Week, They’ll Teach Them How to Make Suggestive Remarks When Maria Bartiromo Appears on TV

Lewiston Seniors teach elementary students cribbage

lewiston seniorsLEWISTON — Thanks to Lewiston seniors, McMahon Elementary students in Christine Savignano’s classroom know how to play cribbage. From March through May, Lewiston Senior Citizen cribbage league players volunteered to go to school and teach the game. Savignano, who plays cribbage but says she’s nowhere as good as the seniors, invited seniors to teach the students after learning the group had a cribbage league. Playing cribbage helps reinforce computation fluency, Savignano said. “They had to strategize, know what cards to discard, use reasoning skills, anticipate their opponent’s move.” Lewiston Senior Citizen President Roger Labbe, a retired teacher at the Lewiston Middle School, recruited other seniors to teach. Fridays became cribbage day at McMahon. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)

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