Lewiston Public School Nutrition Director Says Kids Really Like Drinking Diet Chocolate Milk While Glaring at the Salad Bar

lewiston school lunch

lewiston school lunchLEWISTON — Hot lunch at McMahon Elementary School on Tuesday was grilled chicken bites made with breast meat. Gone were the fried, breaded nuggets from a mixture of chicken parts. The chicken bites had 25 percent less sodium and one-third less fat than the nuggets, Lewiston School Department Nutrition Director Kim Austin said. The salad bar offered brown rice instead of white rice, leafy greens instead of iceberg lettuce. “Iceberg lettuce has no vitamins, no minerals, no value. It’s a filler,” Austin said. French fries and potato puffs were replaced by sweet potato fries or bites. Pizza was made with wheat dough. The good news is that students are eating most of the healthier foods Lewiston schools began introducing last month. Getting ready for September when new federal regulations will require schools to serve meals with fewer calories, fat and sodium, and more fruits and vegetables, Lewiston schools are trying different foods, Austin said.Students say they like most of the changes. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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