Lewiston Mayor Proposes New Deal. Dresden Fidgets Nervously

In my column last week, entitled “It is high time for another ‘New Deal’ to create jobs,” I pointed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” that brought us out of the “Great Depression” as a means of putting people back to work by creating jobs that built a number of projects that are still in use today. People who were poor and had lost hope began to regain their dignity that they felt they had lost. Last week, I also pointed out the infrastructure needs of Lewiston, which are mirrored all over the country. Certainly we have the needs; all we need is a bold effort to work to satisfy those needs. Of course it won’t be cheap. Anything worthwhile never is. As I mentioned last week, it takes money to make money. Once people begin to work at jobs that pay a decent living wage, they will spend it thus circulating those dollars for the benefit of all. (read more at the Twin City Times)