LePage Says He Never Cared for Tuesdays, So the Legislature Should Vote to Add a Second Sunday to the Calendar Every Week

lepage veto threat

lepage veto threatAUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage on Monday made good on a previous threat to veto all Democrat-sponsored bills if the Legislature rejected his constitutional amendment to kill the income tax. Mere hours after the House of Representatives voted 82-64 against the bill, LePage released memos indicating he’d vetoed 10 bills sponsored by Democrats. Each of the 10 veto letters carried the same message. “As promised, I am vetoing all bills sponsored by Democrats because they have stifled the voice of Maine citizens by preventing them from voting on the elimination of the income tax,” LePage wrote. A constitutional amendment requires two-thirds support in the Maine Legislature, after which it is sent out for ratification by voters. The vetoed bills run a broad spectrum, including an effort to shield personal disability information from public records requests and a resolve to give a state-owned park to the town of Kittery. House Majority Whip Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, said LePage’s veto spree is “not just bad governing, it’s not governing at all.” (read more at the Bangor Daily News)