Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins! Wins Maine State Senate Seat

Dumpy childish opinionated loser on the Internet

Dumpy childish opinionated loser on the InternetRace drew national attention over Republican attacks on winner’s online gaming, Internet posts.

Democrat Colleen M. Lachowicz beat incumbent Republican incumbent [sic] Thomas H. Martin Jr. by 913 votes Tuesday in the race for Senate District 25. Lachowicz defeated Martin 8,666 to 7,753. She won only one community in the district, Waterville, but by a commanding 4,224 to 2,318 vote. Martin took all the others. He won in Winslow 2,007 to 1,921; in Pittsfield 990-702; in Detroit 179-163; in Clinton 837-705; in Benton 824-579; and in Albion 598-372. Lachowicz, 48, a social worker and clinical supervisor for Kennebec Behavioral Health, was celebrating late Tuesday with friends, family members, supporters and volunteers at Post Office Square in downtown Waterville. (read more at Kennebec Journal)