It’s Official: There Are No Gentlemen In Bangor

BANGOR, Maine — Less than two months after it opened, Diamonds, a gentleman’s club in downtown Bangor featuring female dancers, is facing eviction. The club, located at 190 Harlow St., is behind on rent and other expenses, according to one of the building landlords, Thomas Brann. “We are taking the club owners to court,” Brann said Tuesday morning. “We were in court [Monday] for the first hearing.” Brann said the club’s owners owe him “a little over $34,000” in rent, taxes and heating oil, which the club is responsible for. Diamonds consultant Jimmie Ellis, who was brought up from Alabama to oversee the theme and construction details for the club, said the club’s owners have filed a lawsuit against Brann due to a disagreement over the terms of the club’s lease. (read more at BangorDailyNews)