It’s Not Lupus

It's not lupus

It's not lupusSULLIVAN, Maine — A local woman arrested Tuesday after her 13-year-old son allegedly brought her marijuana-laced brownies to school and ate them with other pupils said she is trying to get a medical marijuana user’s license. In phone interviews Wednesday and Thursday, Amanda Hiser, 32, said she has lupus nephritis and is suffering from kidney failure. She says she gets nausea, has joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis, and gets regular blood transfusions. She cannot take pharmaceutical painkillers because of her kidney issues, she said, and is having difficulty raising the funds she needs to become registered as a medical marijuana user in Maine. “It’s the only thing that helps, that keeps me functional,” the single mom said. “My doctors all know about it and have pushed me [to get a license].” Hiser was released Tuesday evening from Hancock County Jail on $500 unsecured bail. (read more at Bangor Daily News)