Interestingly, ‘Tainted Mass Pharmacy’ Is The Name Of My Aerosmith Tribute Band. But I Digress

Doctor and patient. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

Doctor and patient. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorMore than 1,000 patients at Maine medical facilities have been treated with products that were recalled by a Massachusetts pharmacy after a steroid injection was linked to a meningitis outbreak that has killed 24 people and sickened hundreds more. Officials from those facilities are stressing that the products they used have not been associated with the meningitis outbreak or any other illnesses, but a spokeswoman from U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that the agency is not certain the injectable steroid is the only contaminated product from New England Compounding Center. State epidemiologist Dr. Stephen Sears said the tainted steroid injection was not shipped to any facilities in Maine, but 30 facilities in the state have received other products from New England Compounding Center, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. About of half of those facilities said Thursday that no patients have reported concerning symptoms. The other half either did not return phone calls or had no one available to comment. (read more at Morning Sentinel)