Interestingly, ‘International Narwhal Tusk Smugglers’ Is The Name Of My Duran Duran Tribute Band. But I Digress

Duran Duran

Duran DuranST. STEPHEN, New Brunswick — A cross-border case of smuggling rare narwhal tusks into the United States from New Brunswick using a secret compartment in a vehicle and trailer will take its next legal steps in a Bangor, Maine, courtroom next week. Andrew J. Zarauskasw, 59, of Union, N.J., and Jay Gus Conrad, 66, of Lakeland, Tenn., were indicted in November by a federal grand jury and are scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 11. The indictment, provided to the Telegraph-Journal by the U.S. Justice Department, also includes the blacked out names of two Canadian citizens who have also been charged in the case. Found primarily in the Arctic, narwhal are a species of whale whose two-meter tusk is actually an elongated tooth protruding from their skulls. Known as the unicorns of the sea, the illegal trade of a single, spiral ivory tusk can bring in thousands of dollars for smugglers. (read more at Bangor Daily News)