Innovative Maine Farm Invents Cure for Global Warming and Unemployment: Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Locavore, Low-Carbon, Indentured Servitude


Long-Meadow-Farm“Our apprentices help out in exchange for room and board, a stipend, and learning about organic farming.  The photo above shows apprentices at our wash station. Also pictured is our camp lot, within walking distance from the farm, where we all swim and boat in our spare time. If you’re interested in applying, visit our apprentice page on the MOFGA website: Use Code: KEN-08

We encourage you to apply through MOFGA so you may take advantage of their excellent programs as well. We plan to bring apprentices aboard in April, with an October departure. Stipend starts at $50-100/week, depending on experience, plus room and board.

Apprentices will live separately from the farmer. The main apprentice living quarters (for persons able to commit to the full season, April-October) has electricity, telephone, electric stove, fridge, and a wood stove, but no plumbing.

We have a 10’ x 12’canvas wall tent on a wooden platform, fully screened, for shorter-term apprentices available only June-late August, or even for a week or two at a time. Basic groceries will be provided, and apprentices are encouraged and will be taught to prepare food from what is available on the farm.  Communal meals are breakfast and lunch during the work week.  Laundry facilities are provided.  We are hoping to have at least two apprentices work with us for the full season. Smoking is not allowed.  No dogs, please.  Acoustic instruments encouraged!

Since we began hiring apprentices in 2004, we have benefited from their hard work, and enjoyed their enthusiasm as they learned about sustainable organic farming.”

Long Meadow Farm [Editor’s Note 2015: We have disabled the hyperlink to the “sustainable” Long Meadow Farm because we can’t find any evidence they’re still in business, and their website is taken over by spammers]