Impending Defcon Seven Blizzard Killstorm Of Deadly Doom Has Massachusetts Residents Considering Cannibalism Already, While One Skowhegan Man Is Considering Wearing A Long-Sleeve Shirt

Blizzard in Maine. Maine news from the Rumford MeteorPORTLAND — A National Weather Service meteorologist said Thursday that there’s a greater than 80 percent chance that forecasts about a massive Friday snowstorm will be spot on. “We’re at the point where all the models are doing the same thing, and they’re all giving us a big snow event,” said Tom Hawley, a National Weather Service meteorologist in the agency’s Gray office. “While there’s still a chance it could bob or weave one way or the other and give us a different forecast, I’d say there’s less than a 20 percent chance of that happening.” That means expectations of more than a foot of snowfall and wind gusts of as great as 65 mph during an approximately 24-hour period become a greater certainty the closer the nor’easter comes. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)