If Hillary Is Toast, It Appears You’ll Get Joe Biden, and How

elizabeth warren

elizabeth warrenAs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign faces challenges, signs are mounting that Vice President Joe Biden may mount a run of his own. On Saturday, Biden met with Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of the party’s liberal wing, for an hour-long lunch in his Washington, D.C., residence. The two discussed issues important to progressives and the primary campaign, NBC News reported. Biden did not directly ask Warren — who has so far rebuffed progressive calls for her to run — for her support. “The opening for Joe Biden is, he’s the original authentic candidate,” Josh Alcorn, a senior adviser to Draft Biden 2016, told msnbc’s Luke Russert Monday. Alcorn’s support for the Draft Biden movement may itself reveal growing openness to the idea of a run within the Biden camp. (read more at MSNBC)

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