How To Build Your Own Home Theater PC

HotHardware’s Dave Altavilla has both an overview of system capabilities as well as actual How-To instructions on how to put together your own Home Theater PC.

Building a Home Theater PC is often times a much better option for enabling your entertainment center for various forms of digital media playback capability.  Rather than stepping up to additional discrete components, like a stand-alone Blu-ray, DVD or CD player, why not infuse your living room entertainment center with real intelligence and multimedia muscle and build an HTPC (Home Theater PC)? (HotHardware)

I you’re somewhat sketchy  about electronic jargon, just let Dave’s technical rundown wash over you, and don’t lose hope — there’s  practical advice to accompany the hardcore specs,  and they show you just what a HTPC can do to energize your screen time. $50 coupon offer, too!

Read the whole thing at  HotHardware