History Comes Alive at Sisters of Charity of Saint-Hyacinthe Exhibit. Shortly After, History Asked to Be Euthanized

sisters of charity

sisters of charityLEWISTON — The room isn’t very big; in fact, it used to be a confessional when St. Mary’s was an operating church. But while the space may be small, the memories it evokes are huge. The Sisters of Charity of Saint-Hyacinthe exhibit was unveiled Wednesday, and the reaction was immediate. “Oh, my God,” said one woman, looking at the array of photos on the wall and seeing familiar faces. “That’s Sister Ruth. Remember her?” “Oh, yes. And there’s Sister Lucille.” “Oh, wow. This is amazing.” They were elbow to elbow as they toured the room, and they had to take turns. Outside, next to the former church nave, Annette Bourque was listening to those memories and beaming. (Read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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