Hipsters Hire Bums to Wait in Line for an iPhone They’ll Steal From the Hipsters Later

iphone riot

iphone riotLOS ANGELES — The release of the new iPhone on Friday caused a bustle across the globe. In Nashville and Indianapolis, fans waited overnight with sleeping bags. In Paris, they pulled their collars up against the fog on Rue Halevy. And in London, where the queue is an art form, an entrepreneur set up a massage table for the weary. But nowhere, it appears, did the sale of Apple’s latest product degenerate the way it did in Los Angeles. Scores of homeless people, who had been collected on skid row and driven to the Apple store in Pasadena, Calif., were promised $40, cigarettes and fast food to wait in line overnight. Fistfights erupted and police arrested at least two people.  (read more at Bangor Daily News)

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