The Management Would Like to Remind Patrons That Hello My Name Is Doris Isn’t About a Creepy Stalker and That’s Not Sexual Harassment, Because Doris Is a Girl. Enjoy the Movie

doris miller

hello my name is dorisHer name is Doris is and you’re gonna love her. At some point in our lives there is a crush at the office. Someone becomes smitten with the new guy or gal and more often than not, it’s unrequited. You never plan on it happening. It just does and there’s nothing to be done about it — nothing being the operative word. In Hello My Name Is Doris, Sally Field portrays Doris, a woman who lost the opportunity for love when she refused to leave her mother and follow her fiance to his new job in Arizona. Doris lives her whole life in her mother’s home caring for the woman to the bitter end and working in the same accounting department all of her life. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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