Headline Reads: Alt-Folk at Upholstery Shop to Help Portland Panhandlers. I Said, One of the Crossbeams Has Gone Out of Skew on the Treadle


alt-folkThe growing number of panhandlers standing in traffic medians around Portland have caught the attention of another historically dispossessed group: socially conscious folk singers. This Friday, there will be an unprecedented benefit show to raise money for street-corner panhandlers and raise awareness of their plight. It takes place at Pistol Pete’s Upholstery Shop in East Bayside, not far from one of the most common locations for this type of begging: the stretch of Franklin Street (formerly Franklin Arterial) between Whole Foods and the I-295 on-ramp/exit. It’s an unconventional venue for an unconventional cause featuring unconventional music. The headliner is Snaex, an alt-folk duo comprised of singer-songwriters Chris Teret and Chriss Sutherland. Guitarist Nathan Salsburg, who’s also curator of the historic Alan Lomax Archive, is on the bill, as is “accordion activist” Matt Rock. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

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