Head of Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce Is Willing to Go to Lunch at Nine AM

sebago lakes chamber of commerce

sebago lakes chamber of commerceWINDHAM – Dr. Joseph Lee, former president of Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, has accepted a position as interim executive director of the Windham-based Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. He replaces Barbara Clark, who resigned in April after serving the chamber for nine years. Lee, a 68-year-old Windham resident who’s venturing out of the world of academia for the first time in his career by taking the position, is excited about his new job and says it has many similar features to that of a college president. Lee, a Bath native, said he has high hopes of growing the 258-member chamber and helping the wide-ranging business members – located throughout the 10 towns the organization serves – thrive and prosper. (read more at Keep Me Current)

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