‘He Fell Over His Bicycle Onto A Giant Knife’ Expected To Replace ‘He Fell Down An Elevator Onto Some Bullets’ As Go-To Open-Mike Comedy Club Punch Line

Michael Young

Michael YoungAUGUSTA — Michael T. Young will spend the next six years behind bars for the stabbing death of his domestic partner, David Cox, but he’s not admitting that he killed him. Young, 41, of Augusta, pleaded guilty Thursday to a charge of manslaughter during an appearance in Kennebec County Superior Court. He entered an Alford plea, a plea bargain in which a defendant essentially pleads guilty without admitting guilt. Last week, Young had been in the same courtroom again with his defense attorney, Pamela Ames, and had waived his right to a jury trial, which was set to begin the week of Dec. 17. (read more at Kennebec Journal)