Greenwood Wondering If You Could Avoid Burning Your House Down On Holidays. They’ll Gladly Save Your Basement Any Other Day, Though

Maine state-of-the-art fire engine. Maine news from the Rumford Meteor

Maine state-of-the-art fire engine. Maine news from the Rumford MeteorWith the knowledge that they must pay town employees double time if they work on holidays, Greenwood selectmen are pondering whether to continue manning their fire station on those days.  The question arose at the last board meeting when selectmen noticed how much is paid out for holidays. Chairman Fred Henderson asked Fire Chief Al Curtis his thoughts on the situation. “We don’t find that we need to man the station on Christmas or the Fourth of July due to so many [firefighters] being around town,” said Curtis. “My guys have agreed that if this comes down to a money issue, we will just make sure we have someone around town during the holidays in question. We need to be here for our community and to keep our residents safe. I don’t see why we need to fix something that doesn’t seem broken,” said Selectman Amy Chapman. “Maybe we need to pick and choose the holidays we cover and pay accordingly,” said Selectman Arnie Jordan. (read more at Bethel Citizen)

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