Governor Touts Online Fraud Hotline. To See If You’ve Been Scammed, Send Your Name, Social Security #, And D.O.B. To The Meteor And We’ll Forward It

Maine State Capitol dome. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul LePage and the Fraud and Abuse Work Team announced today that improvements have been made to the fraud reporting hotline and a new option is available to the public to report suspected fraud and abuse in public assistance programs.

Along with a voice-prompted hotline that allows information to be left at any time, people can also choose to report suspected fraud by filling out an online form, which will be shared directly with fraud investigators.

The form can be found at

“The fraud reporting form is easy to fill out. There are only four questions and if they are all answered, we’ll have all of the basic information that we need,” said Jerry Joy, Director of the Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery within DHHS. “We expect the amount of fraud reported to increase and believe the quality of the information will make it easier for us to investigate.”

The new toll-free fraud hotline number is 866-348-1129. People who call are led through voice-prompted instruction and can either leave their information automatically round the clock, or speak to a person during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“We must do everything we can to prevent fraud and to hold people accountable,” said Governor LePage. “The hotline and web form give people more options to get involved and I can assure you that we will investigate every case. I believe that with the public’s help, we can make sure that the people who receive benefits are Maine’s truly needy.”

September 26, 2011
Human Services