Governor Tells People Seeking Release Of Records Of Concealed Handgun Permit Owners That They’re Over The Line. Mark It Zero

Governor Paul LePage's Concealed Carry Permit

Governor Paul LePage's Concealed Carry PermitAUGUSTA — In near-unanimous votes in the Maine House and Senate on Tuesday, lawmakers agreed to temporarily seal from the public concealed-handgun permit records. The Senate passed the bill 33-0, with two senators absent, while the House passed the bill 129-11, with 11 not voting on the measure. The action closes off public access to the permit data until April 30. The bill, passed as an emergency measure, moved through both bodies with only marginal debate. The bill was not vetted before any legislative committee and no public hearings were held. While gun rights advocates heralded the move, those concerned with the public’s right to government information panned the process and the premise of the measure, noting the data were public for nearly 30 years without incident. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)