Governor LePage Tells His Mother That The Democrats Are Looking At Him Funny, And One Of Them Put Gum On His Locker Handle

Maine governor LePage

governor lepageAUGUSTA, Maine — Governor LePage, still upset that the Maine Democratic Party has hired a tracker to record him on video at public events, swore in new Democratic majorities in the Senate and House on Wednesday and pledged to work with them during the coming legislative session. “I’m very distinguished. I’ve been honored to have a private paparazzi paid for by the Democratic Party,” LePage said before swearing in the new Senate, joking that the party should have hired a Mainer — rather than someone from Massachusetts — for the job. “I think it’s vulgar, I think it’s vicious, and I think it’s vile to me and my family,” he said. “I say that to you, for the lack of respect that the office of the governor of the state of Maine is receiving.  (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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