Goth Couple and Friends Demonstrate Their Non-Conformity by Dressing Alike

goth couple

goth coupleBANGOR, Maine — The bride wore a bustier over her white dress. Her purple hair cascaded over her bare shoulders The groom wore black. [sic] His face was awash in metal, and silver spikes ringed his top hat. The man who officiated the ceremony, his face covered in white makeup, looked like he’d just crawled out of one of the nearby graves. Bronwyn Gauvin and Zack Bridgham’s wedding Saturday afternoon looked more like an episode from a television show about people who come back from the dead than what it was — a legal marriage ceremony performed on a hill in Mount Hope Cemetery. “I’d have been surprised if she’d wanted a traditional wedding,” the father of the bride, Gary Gauvin, of Winterport said. He wore a suit, maroon shirt and traditional tie with painted skulls.  (read more about the Goth couple at the Bangor Daily News)

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