Gorham Police Practice Tactics For School Shooting. Because Shooting The Bad Man Before He Shoots All The Children Is A Very Complicated Concept

Gorham Police pretend to be police

Gorham Police pretend to be policeGORHAM – In was a grim scene that looked and sounded real. Guns drawn, officers Monday burst into an old Gorham school after an alarm triggered, shots rang out, bodies of students were strewn in rooms and halls, spent ammo shells littered the floor, and students screamed. “You come out with your hands up,” shouted a police officer, who located a shooting suspect in a classroom. Thankfully, there was no shooter. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, along with Gorham and Windham police officers, this week conducted the latest tactical training at the former White Rock Elementary School on North Gorham Road. (read more at American Journal)