Gore Vidal Dies Alone, Still Clutching The Phone After Spending 14 Months On Hold Waiting To Reserve A Table At Elaine’s

Gore Vidal

LOS ANGELES — In a world more to his liking, Gore Vidal might have been president, or even king. He had an aristocrat’s bearing — tall, handsome and composed — and an authoritative baritone ideal for summoning an aide or courtier. But Vidal made his living — a very good living — from challenging power, not holding it. He was wealthy and famous and committed to exposing a system often led by men he knew firsthand. During the days of Franklin Roosevelt, one of the few leaders whom Vidal admired, he might have been called a “traitor to his class.” The real traitors, Vidal would respond, were the upholders of his class. The author, playwright, politician and commentator whose vast and sharpened range of published works and public remarks were stamped by his immodest wit and unconventional wisdom, died Tuesday at age 86 in Los Angeles. Vidal died at his home in the Hollywood Hills at about 6:45 p.m. of complications from pneumonia, his nephew Burr Steers said. Vidal had been living alone in the home and had been sick for “quite a while,” Steers said. (Read more at LewistonSunJournal. The Meteor regrets it cannot send a correspondent to Mr. Vidal’s funeral, but we did send a telegram saying we approved of it)

4 Comments on "Gore Vidal Dies Alone, Still Clutching The Phone After Spending 14 Months On Hold Waiting To Reserve A Table At Elaine’s"

  1. Now that’s just mean. Fair… but mean. You are some bad mens.

  2. Bill Jones | August 1, 2012 at 9:28 PM |

    Well, I’m going to miss the old bugger.
    I’ve long been fond of his line:
    “The most beautiful four words in our shared language are : I told you so”

    We need more people attacking the status quo. From the left, the right, libertarians and totalitarians.

    The track we’re on will/has destroy(ed) the country.

  3. Marxist Hypocrisy 101 | August 2, 2012 at 3:44 PM |

    What a load of crap. Vidal WAS “the status quo”. He espoused statism, communist totalitarianism and government “Top Men” elitism with every breath.

  4. Harold Stassen | August 17, 2012 at 6:20 PM |

    Gore Vidal is now, like Ronald Reagan, a triumph of the embalmer’s art.

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