Google Sends the Entire Town of Dresden to Live on a Farm Where it Can Run Free

DRESDEN (NO … AUBURN. NO … DRESDEN MILLS. WAIT, WHAT?) — One day, Dresden Town Clerk Kim Rzasa tried to get directions out of town. She went to Google Maps. Typed in “Dresden.” And waited the millisecond for the right answer to pop up, because the right answer always does with Google. Always. But the directions didn’t look right. Not this time. Google had placed the little Lincoln County town firmly inside Lake Auburn. “There’s nothing wrong with Lake Auburn, but . . .” Rzasa said, letting her voice trail off. But . . . Dresden is not in the lake. It’s unclear how long Google has misplaced the tiny town, locating it more than 30 miles away, in another town and county, in a body of water. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)