Gay Couples Now Considering Just Shacking Up and Having Illegitimate Kids to Prove They’re Equal With Heterosexuals

Same-sex marriage license

gay couplesSOUTH PORTLAND – South Portland City Councilor Patti Smith had vowed to be “first in line” when same-sex marriage licenses became available, but when the big day finally came, Robin Elliott and Laura Minervino beat her to a place in history. On Saturday, Elliott and Minervino, a couple for 23 years and South Portland residents for 15, became the first same-sex couple to complete a marriage license in the city, following the successful November vote legalizing marriage for gay couples in Maine. By the end of the day – clerks volunteered to work 8 a.m. to noon on a day City Hall is normally closed – nine marriage licenses were issued, and three wedding ceremonies were performed by City Clerk Susan Mooney, who brought in celebratory cakes for each couple. The count for the day included seven female couples, five of whom had competed their paperwork by 8:30 a.m., and one male couple, as well as one traditional male/female pairing. (read more at The Current)

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