Full Equalized Value of All Maine Property Unchanged From Last Year. I Guess Home Depot Ran Out of Ceiling Fans

abandoned house

full equalized valueState valuations of local communities were pretty much flat this year, with only slight change from 2015. Each year Maine Revenue Services certifies the full equalized value of all real and personal property which is subject to taxation under the laws of Maine for all cities and towns in the state. Those valuation figures are used for numerous purposes, such as county tax assessments, municipal revenue sharing, and school subsidies; if a community’s valuation increases at a race outpacing others, it will see an increase in assessments and declines in revenue sharing and subsidies. The state valuation lags actual market values and municipal assessments by nearly two years by the time it is final and certified, meaning the 2016 valuations are based on 2015 data. (read more at the Penobscot Times)

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