Former Scarborough Student Exhibits Signs of Mental Disorder By Wanting to See His Old Teachers

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classroomSCARBOROUGH, Maine — Scarborough High School was locked down Thursday morning after a man entered the school in search of specific teachers and refused to identify himself. Detective Sgt. Rick Rouse of the Scarborough Police Department told the Bangor Daily News on Thursday afternoon the police ultimately determined the individual, whom he declined to name, was not a threat. He said the man graduated from the school “a couple of years” ago and doesn’t have a history of violence or making trouble. “I think he suffers from mental issues as well,” Rouse said. “I don’t know if he really understood he wasn’t supposed to be there.” Rouse said the man was given a trespassing notice by police. (read more, if you can read, at the Bangor Daily News)

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