Outlawed Bingo Club Wondering if They Can Claim They’re Indians to Keep Playing, or Run for Senate in Massachusetts

Biddeford, Maine bingo club

Biddeford, Maine bingo clubBIDDEFORD — On Thursday, several dozen members of the Biddeford 50+ Club showed up at their meeting space at the J. Richard Martin Community Center to say they wanted to be able to continue their bingo games. “We miss bingo,” said Lorraine West. “For a lot of people, it’s the only thing they have to see their friends.” It’s been more than three weeks since the Wednesday morning bingo games have ceased. The weekly games, which took place for more than 20 years, came to an end after Jim Gass, a special investigator with the Maine State Police, got a tip that cash prizes were being awarded to winners of the club’s bingo games. After verifying that, he informed Debbie Lizotte, the senior program coordinator for the club, that the games couldn’t be held if cash prizes were awarded because the club doesn’t have a license. (read more at Journal Tribune)