First Rehearsal Of “As You Like It” By Homeschooled Acting Troupe Took Fourteen Hours Because The Kids Kept Stopping To Correct The Spelling

Homeschool As You Like It

Homeschool As You Like ItSamuel Richards fell for William Shakespeare after an English teacher at Fryeburg Academy encouraged Richards, a budding poet, to study the playwright’s use of words. “She said, ‘Listen to the music of the language,'” Richards recalled. “I stuck on that for a while. I caught from Shakespeare a love of language. I also caught his innovative edge, which is to say I make up words that don’t exist and expect everyone to understand them.” Richards, pastor of the of the East Winthrop Baptist Church, has spent the past 20 years sharing his love of language and the Elizabethan-era writer who is widely considered to be among the best ever at using it, with hundreds of children in the Southern Maine Association of Shakespearean Home-schoolers, known as SMASH. “I teach Shakespeare through performance, so you learn it not just off the page but by acting it out,” Richards said. The most recent production by SMASH, “As You Like It,” was performed last weekend and continues with shows today, Friday and Saturday at Cumston Hall in Monmouth. Almost all the actors and crew members range in age from 9 to 18. (read more at Kennebec Journal)