Felon Wonders Why His PHD In Total Awesomeness Doesn’t Cut Any Ice At Job Interviews

John Frechette lives in Lewiston with his wife and stepson and has a felony conviction for possession of a firearm by a restricted person. He maintains that the broken .22-caliber was his wife’s, in her car, but he’s never had a chance to explain his side of the story during a job interview. He doesn’t get in the door, period. “I haven’t had a real job in four years this October,” Frechette said. Another man, who was arrested and charged — but not convicted — after a sting targeting public sex in Auburn, says potential employers Google his name and use that against him. It’s a tough economy. Jobs are tight. Applications are many. For some with records, or just the implication of wrongdoing, it hasn’t been good. (read more at LewistonSunJournal)